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    Ok you lot, now we have everything in place to help those that want help lets see some commitment from those that were asking.

    I have personally put back a week of my time and one of my leases to arrange this with JAYB. I/We need some commitment, if there are no takers then I will close the offer as I can put the week to others who will want to go,a nd I also have to organise my time around this week which is a busy time for all stalkers.

    Some have complained its to far well I travel up there 2 or 3 times a year, and if you want the experience of stalking the highlands and caledonian forest then this is it. This is at cost, so for those that want to go lets see some action please!!



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    hi sikamalc, where abouts is it and at what cost, I need to get my level 2 sorted this year and don;t mind traveling

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    Past Inverness. PM JAYB he has all the details

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    Better yet go to SD stalking, its all on there.


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