In the Shooting Times today is Richard Prior's annual review of notable trophies and included amongst them this year is a red stag from Yorkshire that is a possible new UK record for a wild red deer stag.

Its provisional score is 233.4 which beats the famous Endsleigh Stag by about 10 points. For those who are interested the dimensions were:

Weight 10.05 kg
Av. Length: 83.2 cms
Lower Beam L: 20.4 cms
Lower Beam R: 18.8 cms
Points: 23

A new record wild boar is also recorded and this has already been discussed on this forum.

The other interesting thing is that medal muntjac are recorded from 13 counties. With other species it is clear that good heads are concentrated on relatively few counties. With fallow it's Hants.,reds from Norfolk, CWD from Beds., sika from Dorset and muntjac from Berks. or Oxon. Apart from muntjac about half of the animals recorded over the past three years come from those counties.

There is also a good article on red x sika hybrids so it might be worth a look.