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Thread: sydicate prices

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    sydicate prices

    after reading other threads on here and knowing a thing or two about prices what do you guys think is a reasonble price for a lowland red and roe sydicate off 7000 acres with a cull of around 120 head per year atb swatty

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    A big factor will be in other terms and conditions. How many members & does the member keep the venison etc. With six members averaging about 20 deer each the price would most likely be over 1000 per rifle. But really hard to get an accurate figure without more info. Will be interesting to see what variation in prices you'll get from other SD members.

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    Hi Swatty,
    Gaz is right a lot depends on the terms and conditions of the lease but for FC ground you are talking 100/deer.

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    number of deer culled x 100

    add on a premium if a: a high number of Reds in the cull, and/or b: trophy animals are on the ground.

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    Swatty if you are looking for syndicate members for the future will you please include me in your list


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    the % of deer will be 90& red 10%roe venison remains with the estate there is some real big trophy stags and some real nice roe buck private estate and around 6 guns does this help this is only to get a feel at the moment as to what sd members feel is a fair price for quality stalking

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