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Thread: .243 , 70 grain nosler BT , Trajectory.?

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    .243 , 70 grain nosler BT , Trajectory.?

    Hello to the collective.

    I was out zeroing a new scope on saturday, and was using a known load in 70 grain nosler Ballistic tips.

    Got a nice toching group at 100 yds, bang on, then thought, ok i will give it about 2 inches worth of click and move back to 200 yds.

    All fine i hear you say. Well the first 3 shots were, would you believe 2 inches high.

    So waited a bit to cool down , dropped the scope elevation back to the 100 yd zero point and would you believe , bang on.

    Im a little perplexed here,,,,, The load is H414, the muzzle velocity average is 3,350 fps (chronoed ) 70 grain bullets as said.

    By my calculations the round should drop by at least 2 inches over that range.

    I really cant believe that a 100 yd zero can still be bang on the money at 200.

    Any ideas what is going on here...... My shooting isn't that bad , before you say...



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    i use 85gr nos ball tips in my 25-06,cock on at 100yds it drops 1 inch at 200yds,7 inches at 300yds,yours will be almost identical,do your zero at 100yds,go out to 200yds then fire 3 shots,do the same at 300yds,measure drops and do calculations so you know exactly how many clicks you need,u must have dialled to many clicks in,atb swarovski
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    Thats what i dont understand. It isn't.

    Maybe I will give it another go next week end.

    Was having a bit of a mare getting my mates rifle cock on for him.
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    My foxing rifle uses the same bullet and velocity, zero at 200 is 6" low at 300, and only .75" high at 100. I'd say yours was performing as expected.Good fox killing round and works on deer if you hit em in the right place. You dialed to 2" high at 100 which would give you a 315y zero.
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    according to Hawk BRC. Not chairgun as i cant make that work and find BRC better there is only 3/4 inch drop from 100 to 200 yds

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    Foggy, did you click 2" high at 100 yards?? because this would be 4" high at 200yards, and if you expected the bullet to drop 2" then it printing 2" high on the target is about right I'd say.

    The clicks are x fraction of an inch at 100 yards, or x mm at 100m.

    Hope that makes sense and helps

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    i always have my rifles cock on at 100yds give or take a few mil,with 10mm clicks it can be 5mm either way,opt for higher side

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