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    Question "Harrods" Shotgun

    Recently fell heir to an old side by side shotgun. It is not in good shape, barrels a bit pitted and as there is a bit of play in the action, I have no intention of firing it in it's current condition.
    There is not a lot of marking on it but it is stamped up as "Harrods" - I assume the Knightsbridge store!
    Any of you guys know who would have made it, I am reluctant to get rid of it in case it is worth restoring as Harrods is an up market outfit and possibly sold decent shotguns in the day.
    Any clues comments to the origin of this gun would be appreciated.


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    Clues might be found in the proof marks, London or Birmingham ? Any serial numbers or other marks? Boxlock or Sidelock? Bearing in mind that Harrods is a department store my guess would be that it was a better quality Birmingham trade gun - but that is only a guess. atb Tim

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    I was given a very rattly 410 English side by side. Phil Smith at Bozards rejointed it for me - cost was 250 albeit that was five years ago. Also measured the barrels and whilst a bit pitted, still safe to shoot.

    A Harrods gun would have been built by one of the better makers and probably comparable in value to an Army and Navy. Boxlock ejector in good condition c1500, a sidelock c 3,000. Have a look through Holt's Auctioneers for some idea of value.

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    Chances are that unless Harrods had an arrangement with a specific maker, then the gun would have come from Webley (or possibly, but less likely, BSA). Webley were prolific in manufacturing guns of all types for the trade. Even such prestigious makers as Holland and Holland were not above sourcing some of their more "budget" products from outside sources.
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    100% good replies.. Harrods guns were made by Birmingham and adopted the Anson & Deeley action i believe and the value is basically slightly above a Webley. I once fell in love with a Harrods .410 SBS but the the useability gremlin said NO.

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