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Thread: Anyone know what causes this

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    Anyone know what causes this

    You will notice that both these bucks have some bubbling on their antler growth. Does anyone know if this will turn out to be solid mass when they shed their velvet?

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    perhaps they have a testosterone deficiency and may end up perrouque?

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    Photos of the same 2 bucks taken last year. Interestingly enough both have a similar antler layout from last year.

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    eggy are they not the same bucks the last two look the same atb wayne

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    Mereside I am 95% sure they are the same.

    The first set of photos taken yesterday, the 2nd ones (in the 3rd post) were taken last year.

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    I would say there are 2 potential causes for these malforms, either:They have a testosterone imbalance caused by testicular damage to one or both testicles but not sufficient to give rise to a perruque (if it was the buck would have died last summer) or:There is damage to the coronet causing abnornal antler growth year after year.If/when you shoot these buck I would check for shotgun pellets or rimfire ammo in or around the coronets or testicled/haunches. I have had malforms on my boundaries caused by shotgun pellets in this way.Regards,Ben

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    Well these 2 could be father and son. They both hangout in the same large block of woodland. Could the testosterone imbalance be genetic?

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    I've not heard of that but wouldn't completely rule it out, especially if they're safe bucks and unlikely to be hit by bad neighbours/poachers. Is there anything unusual they could both damage themselves on- deer fence not high enough so they took it on but got caught up etc?

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    They are smack in the middle of the estate so I would rule out the neighbours.

    The only thing around them is a pheasant pen but I doubt that would be the cause.

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    very interesting thanks for sharing ,atb wayne

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