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Thread: national geographic article on hunting in the states

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    national geographic article on hunting in the states

    check out this link - look at the photo gallery section as well.

    realtree and high-viz, what a combo!

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    A very good article and excellent pictures. Hunters world wide only want the same thing it seems, to enjoy the wilds and their prey and conserve them both!

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    We were quite pleased with this article. For once the mainstream press took a positive approach toward hunting and what hunters do.

    It was a nice thing to see.


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    I must say, I've seen alot of hunting programmes and articles coming out of the USA. I thought that alot of it was more about shooting things,'big guns versus big animals' 'kick ass rock music' and 'Lock and Load'. All a bit Gung ho for me!
    The press in the States must make a field day of this! Rather a home goal for the hunters I think.
    I'm glad that these DVDs and such like are not the real face of American hunting.
    Natural Geographic has helped restore the balance and shown what its is really all about.
    I hope one day to get across the pond and have a go at some Whitetail Deer and enjoy the stunning scenery, not to mention some of that famous American hospitality!

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    There are American hunters who do the "lock and load" I'm too tough for my gun sort of thing, but they're in the majority. Most hunters in America, as in the rest of the world, want to help control animal populations, enjoy the outdoors, and add some meat to their freezer.

    Unfortunately, it is often the "lock and load" type of hunter who gets all the attention. Guess those types just make a better story.

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    I think your'e right Gunslinger, I've seen an American film about shot placement in deer. A woman hunter is going after a White Tail Deer, as it reaches the summit of a hill with no back stop just blue skies; she ask the hunter guide "Shall I shoot it up the ass?" "Yeah go ahead" is his answer. I very messed up deer tumbles down the canyon many feet below. Very sad. And thats an 'Offical' deer hunting video! I can't believe it.

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    Actually I just reread my previous post, and I should have said the "lock and load" hunters are in the minority, not the majority.

    I know and work with a lot of hunters and they are all people who hunt with skill and care, and who want to cause the animals they take as little suffering as possible. All of them are very aware that everything they do reflects on the image of hunters in general, and so they conduct themselves well. I think most American hunters behave in this manner.

    Television shows, however, are a different matter. Television, whether it concerns hunting or not, is about ratings. Most hunters I know violently dislike most hunting programs, because they feel they're not real, and they don't accurately depict hunting. So I wouldn't judge American hunters by what you see on hunting programs or videos.

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    Yeah I know what you mean Gunslinger. Thanks to TV most Americans think that its always foggy in London, that we (The Brits) are all very polite and talk in 'Dick Van Dyke' style 'cockney' accents;" Gorrr blimey don't you naaah Gav-na!"

    We don't by the way! I blame Scooby doo!

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    I tend to watch more British comedy, so I always thought all Brits spoke like the people in the Monty Python movies.

    It's the same thing with Americans though. If you watch American television or movies, you'd think all the men were violent, all the women were hormonal, and we all blow up cars and buildings all the time.

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    Although I have not read or seen the article I can honestly say that after many years of taking mostly Americans hunting/stalking in the UK and Africa I have only had a handful that were a problem.

    99% of my clientel are American, and I have been very fortunate to have made some great friendships, had some great times. Most Americans are good hunters, ethical, honest and also fascinated by the amount and variety of deer we have in the UK. They are also taken back by the amount of wild countryside still to be found in such a small country, and of course the history.

    Most have a good sense of humour, and all round I have little to complain about. But maybe I have been lucky? On the other hand I know a few English people who I wouldnt call hunters/stalkers, and we are all aware of someone like that I am sure. In general I find that with most hunting people there is a common bond, no matter which country you come from.

    Long may it remain so.

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