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Thread: Hello form Altnaharra

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    Hello form Altnaharra


    My name is Duncan Mason and I am the owner of The Altnaharra Hotel in the Scottish Highlands, although I live way further south in Buckinghamshire. I am an avid fisherman and although I am a keen shot, I am relatively new to stalking - which I only took up when we purchased the hotel in 2009. Saying that, I was 'hooked' from the first day I went and can't imagine a better ay to fully experience the Highlands.

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    Welcome Duncan, know the hotel fine..........good company and source of information on here

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    Welcome to the site and hope you enjoy it! Being the owner of the certain establishment I cannot believe that you would hide away in Buckinghamshire given the choice between the Highlands and there??

    Be prepared for an incoming from Admin as your post is bordering on Trade Member


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    Welcome to the site, have caught a few fish in Loch Naver and even caught a dram or two in the bar. We are near neighbours, 25 miles or so. and you are not advertising, yet

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