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Thread: Do powders loose their "goodness"

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    Do powders loose their "goodness"

    How long can you keep powders for once the container has been opened.
    I have a tub of Varget that must have been opened now for aprox 2 years, will it have lost its "goodness" ?

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    Depends on how it's been stored. Too hot is no good, damp is no good hw well sealed the tin is.

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    This particular tub has been stored in a well sealed container in the cool. The reason I ask the question is that it smells quite pungent when you take the top off, which I suppose is the nitro, could be just me as I am more used to Vithavouri powders

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    Varget always whiffs a bit. Smells like Victory V's, if you remember those.

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    varget is an extreme powder,no change in its performance from something like -20 to 50 celcius i read somewhere,am sure it will be perfect,varget has a nice smell

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    To answer the question: What Kevin said. If kept in a cool, dry place with the lid on, it will last for decades. I have some 40 year old H 4831 I'm still using.~Muir

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    There's a thread that covers that subject HERE

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    If you boil it for too long all the vitamins leach out!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by matt_hooks View Post
    There's a thread that covers that subject HERE

    Hi Matt
    Your right it does cover all that and then some, thanks for that
    And thanks to all the other responders

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    Quote Originally Posted by klunk View Post
    Varget always whiffs a bit. Smells like Victory V's, if you remember those.
    All powder should have that medical, victory v type smell, if it gets a bit "eggy" its starting to degrade.


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