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    any good gunstores or similar near birmingham city centre? have 5hrs to kill tomorrow whilst waiting to attend an evening event?

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    Westley Richards has got to be worth a look, seriously impressive place. You might need a mortgage to buy anything though.

    If you get there ask to have a look in the gun room.
    Some cracking buff heads on the wall, or there was last time I was in.

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    Norman Clark Rugby. all depends what side of birmingham you are.

    Cheers Andrew

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    Don't really know names but as Birmingham is the home of gun making and proofing in england you should be able to find somwhere interesting. Just do a google search. You could also look up "the gun quater" this is where all the gun makers are. Hope you enjoy yourself.

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    Suggest you Google Price Street where the remaining Smiths were.
    The so called Gun quarter was renamed by pressure of a 50 person petition to the Council, PC gone barmy.
    Now known as St George & St Chad.
    Also, Bate and Cross, Westley Richards and Benjamin Wild and Co.

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    I'll be honest
    There is feck all worth looking at unless you make an appointment before hand
    There are a couple of gunshops in the area and a few just a few mile out
    Where are you in Brum and what is your time scale??

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    well I made it to Birmingham yesterday, walked from New St. station to Prichett street...a BIT of a trek to say the least, but the weather was lovely!

    buzzed the gate to Westley Richards & Co (very industrial area! and NOT the sort of place you'd expect to find them), however, the chap there was extremely nice and spent about an hour showing me around the premises, the gunroom, etc. etc. They had a lovely pair of 20g S/S pairguns at 26K, if only I had the extra cash!! (new is about 80K). 2 years for a bespoke/custom rifle/shotgun, so get your orders in now guys! LOL

    in any case, I really enjoyed seeing their facilities and beautiful leather goods, and will be going back there when I have more cash to blow.

    no snobby or arrogant attitudes, which I almost expected, so if I ever have the money, I think they will be above the likes of H&H/Purdey on my wish/shopping list.

    they have a shooting range underground, running under prichett street the mews lane...very cool indeed!

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    John Knibbs in coleshil or the sports man gun centre worstershire

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    Nice one PKL
    Last time I tried that at Westley Richards I was told to book in advance
    Good to hear you had a good day

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