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Thread: Stalking jacket - plain or camo?

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    Question Stalking jacket - plain or camo?

    I am looking at a new jacket, and both contenders (Rivers West and Ridgeline) offer plain or camo options.

    Maybe I am watching too much Field Sports Britain, but it seems you can't move for Realtree camo these days, but that doesn't necessarily mean it is any better than plain, muted colours.

    So, do the deer care, or is it just down to personal taste do you think?



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    I don't use camo to much association with the bad boys.

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    Plain - never had any complaints from the deer.

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    plain green for me as well .atb wayne

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    So muted colours and quiet (fabric and me!) probably just as effective as the latest camo pattern. And less likely to attract funny comments down the pub

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    It makes no diff to the deer just buy what you like

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    I must be watching it to much as well just bought my self a remote controlled car.

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    Green for me, I have a few different shades of green clothing to try and match the seasons.

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