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Thread: Animals you will not shoot

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    Animals you will not shoot

    Saw a subject on animals that we wish to hunt so i thought are there any species that you wont hunt for what ever reasons.
    For example I have no desire to hunt Elephant or Giraffe, I dont have a problem with folks who do, but I just dont want to.

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    I dont think I could hunt an elephant, they are reputed to be so smart, when you watch them with the bones of their own kind, perhaps I'm just a soft arse!

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    To be honest I could get by if I never shot anything again other than wild boar, Cape buffalo and the occasional deer for the freezer.

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    +1 on the elephant not for me

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    As much as i love the Jim Corbett adventures, i wouldn't really want to shoot a Tiger. Nor anything else that's rare or endangered. Taliban however......
    Owning a gun or knife and not using it, is akin to not sleeping with your girlfriend to keep her neat and tidy for the next bloke.

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    Taliban however......

    Stands to reason.......... they arent rare

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgy View Post
    Taliban however......

    Stands to reason.......... they arent rare
    Not human either so it cannot be murder ................................ can it?

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    Would depend how hungry I was and if it was edible.

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    I watched a piece of footage on utube about elephant shooting and the reasons this guy was doing it were no different to the reasons the majority of us shoot deer. It's a management of numbers and selective culling.

    Just like our deer are not controlled by predators (us aside) elephants are also (generally) at the top of their food chain so someone has to keep them in check.

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    I would never shoot a big cat or most other big game id just stick to deer species

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