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Thread: Meopta ZD 3-12x50 Illuminated

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    Meopta ZD 3-12x50 Illuminated

    Meopta ZD as above with Ballistic Reticule/Turrets..great optics illuminated small cross with ladder 790+ dinks or damage to 30mm tube/glass..prefer conventional turrets & reticule ..lovely scope in excellent condition 375 posted pms please if interested

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    Hi, i am interested in this scope . could you post some pictures. You have a PM

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    hi can you confirm reticule please

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    I will take this, you have a PM regards payment....

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    Isnt this in the First focal plane? thought it might be worth mentioning

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    Hi ytene,

    I know I'm way down the list but on the off chance this is still available, I will definately buy it.


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    Ytene did you get my PM regards payment details for this scope? i see you have logged on a few times since i said i would take it, i can only conclude you have not received them.


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