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Thread: Cz550 .308 privi ammo

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    Cz550 .308 privi ammo

    Hi all. I am due to pick up my new cz550 in .308 caliber this week and was wondering if anybody is using privi 150g soft points through the same rifle. It's a 20" barrel stutzen if that makes a difference. The only reason I ask is because I can get privi for 12 for 20 but it's a 80 mile round trip so I would have to buy a few boxes to make it worth while. Any feedback appreciated.
    Cheers owain.

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    every rifle is different. Just because someone has the same rifle as you and is accurate with a certain ammunition dose not mean it will shoot the same in your rifle.
    Trial and error im afraid

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    Thanks for the info. I realise all rifles are different I was just looking for a general opinion on the rifle ammo combination really, if 9 out of 10 people said they couldnt get decent groups I wouldnt bother with it. Cheers Owain.

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    You get what you pay for, it cheep for a reason . I tired the stuff ,but had no joy in any cal. I found 5 from 8 were ok, its the ones that was not ok, that you have in the chamber when you need that shot.Paper punching on a range taught me this PPU is unreliable. I hate the thought of wounding animals , so i play safe & buy quality.

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    Hi I tried this on a 6.5x55and would agree with munsterlander that it was not reliable enough for me to use when out stalking .

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