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Thread: Ine for the Dark Side

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    Ine for the Dark Side

    Ok you darksiders, what are the opinions on the Mannlincher SSG 08. I just saw one in an advert in the latest Shooting and Conservation mag that dropped through my letterbox this morning. This is one of the few dark side rifle that I think looks really very very very nice. However, does it shoot as well as I think it looks. Me thinks that one of these in .308 would be a very nice deer rifle.



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    Bit heavy isn't it?
    Tips scales at nearly 6kg naked...

    Not to mention the price tag of 3.5k...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Milligan View Post
    Bit heavy isn't it?
    Tips scales at nearly 6kg naked...

    Not to mention the price tag of 3.5k...
    Ah the advert did not mention the weight which would be an issue . Oh well back to the drawing board, that possible addition to my wish list did not last very long, never mind! I still think it looks quite good though



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    Both of those minor factoids put me off. But it is very pretty. Now if I won the lottery!!
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    TRG, AE, Blaser... all a bit lighter and very accurate.

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    Best potential bargain at them moment is a .308 Mauser in a PH stock on has a Schultz and Larsen barrel, which if in good condition is TOP quality for custom jobs,,mixed with a mauser action a bit of TLC and you could have a GREAT rifle for under 200

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