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Thread: Russ Gall 243AI and zeiss 6x24x56 diavari

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    Russ Gall 243AI and zeiss 6x24x56 diavari

    Up for sale is my 243 ai russ gall custom.

    Lawton action teflon coated black
    krieger barrel fluted 1 in 10 twist screwcut teflon coated black
    jewell trigger
    hs box magazine
    Macmillan stock green/black
    picatinny rail
    ase utra moderator
    warne rings and mounts
    243 ai Redding dies
    Any loaded brass and fireformed cases i have available

    1700 ono
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    Bloody hell that sounds a bargain. Would like to see some pictures also when you got 5 mins

    I know you want to sell as package. But would you sell with out the scope.
    As I have scopes here I could use. If so how much
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    Is this still for sale ?? Any photo's ??

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    chaps i will post pics asap . just had new broadband so need to connect pc. if you want to see the rifle search russ gall on this site. should come up a couple under this thread#

    atb steve

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    forgot to say will sell separately

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    How much for the scope on its own?

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    rifle and accessories 1700
    scope 1400
    atb steve

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    Is this the same rifle advertised by pnse earlier this year?



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    last year yes
    atb steve

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