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Thread: Peter Lawman

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    Peter Lawman

    Is Peter Lawman still trading. I have been trying to get hold of him to order brass but emails aren't being replied to and no answer on the phone.



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    Welcome to his world...

    I tried to order some CBC Magtech all brass shotshells from him. Finally called it a day after a couple of years....nope, I tell a lie, I think I tried for 3 years

    While I was not trying on a daily basis, I still got nowhere.

    Funny thing is - he has the cases I am after back in stock!!

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    He's difficult to get hold of, he doesn't answer emails and only answers the phone when he feels like it and even then he can be a bit abrupt. Pity really because his prices are reasonable and he sells Nobelsport powders which are very good.
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    I was only ordering ppu cases. 21 per 100 is 15 cheaper than kranks. I have just managed to catch him on hes mobile and he said phone later this evening on the land line so will try again later.

    has anyone had any GOOD experiences with Mr Lawman as 2 posts and both not good

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    Seams like he answers his mobile more. got the answer but not the one i was looking for as he has none in stock.
    Oh well.

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    I got a annie 1417 22lr off him at a very good price. He isn't a full time working rfd. He has a day job. And I think he works away alot.

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    I bought some cartridges & vectan powder from Peter Lawman recently & got at good price & service was great - no complaints!

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    Pete's alright but don't expect him to get back to you on emails of phonecalls with urgency, I used to get loads off him but I got annoyed at feeling like he wasn't that bothered about my custom

    That is as a customer who does not trade face to face

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    This guy can supply stuff at good prices - but he doesn't deserve to be in business because communication he does not do. As Jay 22 said, he has other commitments but as a customer they are not my concern and I have given up on him.

    Search several other forums and you will see the same complaints. Been going on for years.

    PITA, go somewhere professional.
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    And I'm waiting on an email from the start of this year. I caught him on the phone though about the ammo mentioned in the email and twigged that if the items mentioned aren't in stock, he's not going to be getting back to you.

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