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Thread: How hot and how long?

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    How hot and how long?

    Very quick one guys, I'm planning on roasting a couple of Muntie haunches on friday night for some friends. Any suggestions on how hot the ovan should be and how long i should cook them for.

    Going for the short shap blast approach to give a nice rare/juicy meat.

    Was thinking 200degrees for about 40 mins, sound about right?

    Cheers for you help in advance.


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    Haunches are not best roasted I don't think as they can dry out and become a bit chewy! Slow cooked (pot roast) will give you the most tender results but won't be rare.
    To do it as you describe you could really do with a meat thermometer. Roast it hot until the centre of the joint is 65-70 degrees, then remove it, cover and let it rest in a warm place for about 30 mins. The heat from the outside will move inwards resulting in a pink juicy meat which has had time to relax.
    I'm really hungry now!

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    Now then Jim, dont go over cooking that West Sussex Muntie with any venison I always soak it first in cheap red wine, mixed in with a good dollop of sharps steak seasoning and a splash of salt and pepper. Leave for about an hour or two if needs be. Then put it in a glass roasting dish with a good dollop of virgin olive oil and cover in tin foil. This is vital if you have an electric fan oven as it will dry it out. Leave in the oven at about 180 to 200 for about 45 mins and then on the last 5 to 10 mins take off the tin foil.

    Leave out for about 5 mins before carving, should work a treat.


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    +1 on the tin foil. Scoring the surface before adding the seasoning seems to help, leave it to marinate as long as possible, and for our oven, 180 is plenty. I'm really hungry now too!

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    Slow roast is the way to go. When I say slow, I mean SLOW! I set the oven to the lowest temperature, and cook the meat for as long as possible. I allow at least four hours. You are aiming for a core temp of between 52 and 55 degrees centigrade for rare meat, 55 to 60 for medium rare. If you have a really good oven you can get it down this low and you could leave the meat in as long as you want.

    Cooking fast causes the meat to contract, and squeeze all the moisture out. Slow cooking allows you to cook with minimal loss of juices.

    Keep the meat covered during roasting.

    About twenty minutes before serving, remove the meat from the oven and cover with tin foil until everything else is on the plates. Then carve, have a nice gravy ready. Cut one portion at a time, cutting across the grain (as important to tenderness as anything else) and immeditaely pour on gravy and pass to diner. Tell them to start straight away and not wait for you to finish carving!

    A roast haunch is the most fantastic theatre. Carve it at the table and people will be talking about it for weeks!

    Invest in a meat thermometer. Completely essential!

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    All good info cheers guys!

    I have four of my good friends around for dinner, two of then have stalked before and enjoy venison, the other two are crazy triathletes and so are dead keen on good quality meat. Hoping to lay on a corker of a spread.

    Appreciate that venison can dry out pretty quick so the foil was never in contension. My biggest dilemms was the slow and low or hot and fast. I did one side (ribs and serloin) hot and fast in the ovan for the mrs and myself a couple of weeks ago, it was lovely juicy and tender.....hoping to get something similar.

    Now officially salivating!

    Like the idea of the meat thermometer...will look into getting on of them.

    Chers guys.

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    They're all of about 4 on ebay.

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