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Thread: Reloading .243 for Steyr Scout??

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    Reloading .243 for Steyr Scout??

    Hi folks

    Anyone else on here reloading .243 for a steyr scout or similar (ie 19" 1in10 barrel). I've just made a up load development batch of 25, using RWS brass, Fedral primers, Hornady V-Max 65 grain bullets over between 38 and 40 grains of Hodgdon H4895. Just wondering if anyone else has tried these, or similar, loads in this type of rifle and had any advice??


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    Oh and I'm running the bullets 20 thou back off the lands which equates to a COL of 2.650 (max stated in lee manual is 2.700")

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    have run a scout 243 for the last 3 years and have used both 80 and 90 grain nosler bt's with remington brass and 36 grains of h4895 powder behind both bullets, good to excellent grouping and had no complaints from deer yet.

    Moved up from 80 to 90gr bulets as the 80's seemed to splinter rather than push right through and produce a good blood trail. Have not altered anything in col between 80 and 90gr bullets

    Powder charge started at 35 grains and went up to 39 grains but settled on 36 grains.

    These also go through my brothers Rem 700 and group just as good so currently both of us use the same set up in ammo

    hope this helps.

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    Cheers Monty,

    Looking at the book - 36 grains seems on the light side for the 80's and up there for the 90's, could this explain the issues you had with the 80's?? Hopefully I might get round to getting some 80's soon. Had the offer of some 75 Vmax the other day but wanted to try the 65s first.


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    The 80gr bullets when checking through nosler are vermant bullets and the 90's are designated as hunting bullets so the extra 10gr helps in them not shatter/fragmenting on impact as much.

    Had the problem of fragments coming through the diaphram into top of the stomach but with 90's no issues just nice big exit hole and blood trail if it runs.

    zero on rifle set 150 yards so good out to 250 with out to much to worry about (shoot lot of large clear fells).

    bullet specifics

    Col 2.700 of an inch or 68.7mm these are backed of a bit as they would not fit in the mag with the tip of the bullet.
    Remington primars and brass
    Nosler bullets 90gr
    h4895 powder

    Some cases on 4 - 5 reload and have not streched, no carbon marks etc on any of the cases as all cases are checked before being reused.

    All I would suggest is driving light bullets hard may magnify any fragmentation of the bullet if it hits bone etc but try them and see how it goes, also think you made the right choice with v max as half the cost of nosler so may move to 90/95gr V max myslef once finish what I have in stock

    Just bought 2 tubs of h4895 at 35 each which thought was cheap but not sure of current prices?


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    Good info ta. Just a heads up but I got some H4895 from Reloding Suplies in Janurary and it was 30 a tub - not sure if it still is or if they are near you or not..


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