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Thread: 6.5x55 PPU brass

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    6.5x55 PPU brass

    Now that Glos gun comp has closed it's doors, where can i sorce PPU brass from. i know i can get it posted from Kranks but is there anyone around the Gloucester / Cotswold area that i can pay the money to, keeping it local and all that.

    Lawman would have been 21 per 100 if in stock. Kranks is 35 per 100. would be nice to find someone like Lawnam with it in stock.



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    Dauntsey Guns in Wiltshire have it in stock. Great little outfit with a very comprehensive website

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    Thanks for this. Have got to say what a good site this Wilts. gunshop has, and to save unnecessary fingerwork the 6.5x55 link is above.

    It's a pity the shop is a bit too far for me to visit, but the management here have seen the potential of the mouse. They've even posted prices, which is rare.

    It's interesting that PPU brass now has equivalent prices to Remington and Winchester, as it's just as good. It's high time that the American brands had some competition.
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    thanks for that, i was struggling to find it on their site.

    Remington and Winchester brass is twice the price as its in packs of 50 where as PPU is in 100's. I have been using PPU in the 222 for a long time, I have so far not had any brass split or degrade in any way so i'm happy with the stuff.

    thanks again for the heads up. I might have to take a drive over there but at the moment i have some coming, courtesy of Mr Good Shot, Reload.


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    Hadn't spotted that.... so then PPU is twice the bargain.

    Just be aware that the Winchester 6.5x55 brass (100 case polybag) which I bought recently has the standard Mauser head (.30-06) dimensions of .473" whereas the correct size is .476 - 480". There is a noticeable head expansion 'ring' on first firing these in the Swede.
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    I have been loading PPU 6.5 x55 brass quite a bit lately as it is half the price of the domestics. Excellent brass and yes, it has the correct .476" rim. ~Muir

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    Thanks for the heads up guys.

    If there is anyone else with 6.5x55 PPU Privi Partizan brass that needs a good home then i have will be more than happy to take it in and feed it as well as warm it up.



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    I called in at Dauntsey Guns today to see what6.5x55 factory ammunition (rather than brass) they had in stock. Only Norma 120 gn BT at the moment, but they are waiting for some Federal Fusion 140gn SP. They logged my contact details onto their system, and said that an email would automatically be sent to me when the Fusion rounds arrived. The quoted price was also lower than other local dealers. They haven't been around for long, but they have the right attitude to be successful.
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