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Thread: My new Finnfire (new to me)

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    My new Finnfire (new to me)

    Evening all.

    Bought myself a second hand Sako Finnfire to accomany my 10/22 for bunnies etc. Bought it over the phone from a gunshop miles away, after about three calls discussing condition etc we greed a price (after a bit of haggling of course). I was a little disgruntled that they wouldn't meet me half way with the postage costs (20 - you can but ask).

    Anyway, picked it up from one of my locl RFDs on the weekend and here it is:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    When i picked it up i realised why the chap wouldn't budge on the postage costs as he had sent it in one of these, which i hadn't realised was in the cost:

    To say i was a little surprised was an understatement....turns out it was a bloody good bargain in the end, the postage costs that is!

    Took it down the indoor range last night to zero it. Fired four different types/brands through it, the results can be seen:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    All the groups were shot from a bench rest thing, and were all six shot groups (note they were all different aiming points, but that there was little difference in poi from the original zero, with the exception of the CB longs which had about an inch and a half drop compared to the other three). Its clear there is a winner, the eley subs. Note all shot at 25m.

    Its interesting to see how different brands work in your rifle. The results from the Finnfire are differnt from my 10/22. I can get the same group size from the RWS in my ruger as i do from the eley in the Finnfire, and the group size of the eley in the ruger is the same as that from the RWS through the Finnfire.

    The final grouping, 10 shots at 25m, 20p for scale:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Could prove deadly on the bunnies!

    Well pleased with it, especially as it was in "as described" condition, and came well protected! It makes doing business over the phone a pleasure and keeps faith in the UK gun trade!



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    I love my finnfire, they are a thing of engineering beauty. Not had chance to test mine on a range yet but if it compares to yours then I'll be well chuffed.

    Are you gonna let slip how much you shelled out for it or are we to assume it was reasuringly expensive as most finnfire's seem to be..


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    Name and praise the dealer!
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    Quote Originally Posted by widu13 View Post
    Name and praise the dealer!
    Good point, missed that one out didn't I.

    Essex Guns - highly reccommended, very polite and helpful especially as i tried my best to haggle him down (must have annoyed him), but was always polite in conversation. Transaction was easy too.

    I paid 570 all in...quite expensive for a .22 (maybe not so much when you condider there was a 180 case thrown in), but it will live with me for the rest of my life no doubt, and if (when ) i ever have kids it will no doubt be passed on to them.


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    It is a lot of money, but if you are happy with the deal and the kit it's not expensive. Congrats and well done Essex Guns.
    .243 Weatherby Vanguard Synth /.223 BRNO CZ527 Synthetic
    .22LR CZ 455 Synth / 12G Stoeger 2000 / 12G U/O Bettinsoli
    12G Zoli SBS / .410 unknown Italian

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    I have one and paid around that but mine was brand new and about 6 years ago. They dont make them anymore and are a very fine and prised rimmy. It is expensive but they are good.

    You made the right choice. Just need to give that stock a bit of TLC.

    Happy hunting.

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    thats certainly not expensive if it came with scope and mod and its in a lovely varmint stock and that case. I have the Hunter version , plain jane stock but beautiful action and have just put a very nice s&b 6 x 42 on top the perfect bunny basher and you wont loose any money if you ever sell on, happy shooting

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    You cant beat the Finnfire mine works really well with Winchester subs and will do 5 pence piece sized groups off a bipod at 60 yards.




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    Fantastic choice DD i have had mine for years and love it to bits 6x42 swaro on top and winchester subs no bunny is safe

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    If it is the varmint then getting the barrel chopped to 16" transforms the balance of the rifle, easy to shoot.
    SK standard or club are good as are Winchesters, Eley are dirty rounds.

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