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Thread: lazer bore scope

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    lazer bore scope

    hi was wondering if any one had used the lazer boresighter. The type that sits in the action like your bullet would?

    Are they any good or just a waste of money?

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    Hi grousekeeper.

    One of my mates bought the American made one Red i or similar sounding name which I used.
    It was rather expensive. Its only good for getting close to the target for zeroing but I found it excellent for checking your zero. On my 223 I have my target which was 40mtrs from my door and when my crosshairs were on the bull, the laser was about 4" away to lower left but if it was always on the same spot, my rifle was zerod (hope that makes sense)

    I have not tried the cheaper ones availble on the likes of ebay so cannot comment on them

    P.S Found website with details of the one I mentioned. Here is the link
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    HI Grousekeeper they are just a waste of money

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    I bought a second hand Red-i a couple of years ago, never really got on with it as you have to use it on a grid target at set range to get the best out of it, then the little ball bearing at the back fell out and it stopped working, I haven't missed it.

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