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Thread: CZ 452 5-Shot *STEEL* Magazines - 17HMR & 22lr

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    CZ 452 5-Shot *STEEL* Magazines - 17HMR & 22lr

    Hi all, I've the following brand new GENUINE CZ 5-shot steel magazines for the 452 model CZ Bolt action rifle (4 x 17HMR & 4 x 22lr).

    They are black in colour and steel construction - a lot more sturdy than the plastic version and usually double the cost!

    I'm selling them for 31.50 (17HMR) and 29.50 (.22LR) each (including P&P) - that's pretty much at cost for me + p&p as am only doing this to make it worthwhile me buying one for myself!

    p.s. 10-Shot Steel Mags available for the 452, and 5/10 shot plastic mags available for CZ455 etc but you will have to wait until I do another order (have to import a lot of these for it to be worthwhile as postage is very expensive!) - my mate's asked if I can get him one so would need a few more orders to do this.

    PM me if you're interested!

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    Just to say these are in my posession already, so you don't have to wait for me to do the order - I've just made the initial outlay of a few hundred quid as I wanted one and figured others would too!
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    only 2 x .22LR & 3 x .17HMR left now!

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    Just 2 x 17HMR 5-shot steel magazines left now - new and un-used.

    If you'd like a .22 or 10-shot version of either please let me know as I'll be doing another order as soon as I get enough people together to make postage worthwhile! They come in at about 35 for the 5 shot versions, and I'll send a photocopy of the receipt to anyone who asks for one! I've got enough for myself but have 2 mates who changed their mind after I'd sold all the .22 ones!!!

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    I wish I had bought a few of these from the CZ factory shop last month when I was over there......

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    If anyone's over there let me know - I'd sooner give one of us lot 's for the trouble than pay ridiculous postage fees!

    Still 2 17HMR steel 5 shot mags left - everyone seems to be after the .22 one's now but I sold out!

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