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Thread: 6.5x47 lapua

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    6.5x47 lapua

    Thought id put up a post showing what i collected from grant taylor in dundee

    Its a Roberston composite stock ,With a Tikka T3 action .
    Tru flyte 25 inch barrel 6.5x47 lapua
    Atec maxim moderator and Third eye taticle mounts and pictanny rail.
    and to finish it off a nightforce NXS 5.5-22x56

    Shoots like a dream .25"
    Thats with 40.5 gr of hodgson 4350
    Hornady SST 129grn heads
    and CCI mag Primers

    I cant fault grants work at all ,and his attention to detail is spot on .

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    Best of luck with your new toy, it looks nice.
    Does that calibre need a 25in barrel to get the best out of it,

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    cant wait to get to get mine is your a 1in8 twist with that weight of bullet and what speed are you getting

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    Very nice and with a new spangly NXS I see with high speed turrets.

    I think this cartridge will become a standard factory chambering at some point. Every man and dog seems to be having one done including myself.

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    the best length would be 26 inch but the 25 is a comprimise as its a stalking rifle.

    bullets are doing 2900fps

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