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Thread: Looking to buy something from Avalon Guns, any experiences?

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    Looking to buy something from Avalon Guns, any experiences?

    Does anyone have any experience dealing with Avalon Guns, I'm looking to buy something and export it overseas.


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    I've bought a shotgun from them- no problem, but they are local to me.

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    I have always found them to be professional and knowledgeable, and in particular Andy is a wealth of knowledge in the firearms world.

    I would also recommend you read the following to ensure you are covering all bases in terms of the export and also speak to the NZ customs authorities to cover all aspects of the import.

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    I used them once, I had bought a gun from another shop and after using it once knew I had made a mistake, went to Avalon and they did me a very good deal on something else which when you consider I never got the first one from them it was a good deal.

    Also they often win gun shop of the year or something like that, they have a good reputation

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