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Thread: Wanted weeks holiday stalking

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    Wanted weeks holiday stalking

    Just wondered if anybody has any good ideas, I live down in Hampshire so Scotland is a bit of a drag in the old Landy, (if it got that far!!!)
    I want to take 3 to six days stalking somewhere, would love to team up if anybody interested, but does anybody have any ideas who to apply to, would be looking for cull animals happy to help with just hinds / does, but like everyone want to keep the cost reasonable, as acconidation will have to be added. looking for October or febuary

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    It is impossible to get an offer better than that offered by Sikamalc on this site. He has the days advertised in Oct, all you need to do is check that there are places, pay a deposit and wait for what sounds like a great week.


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    thats what I needed to know will get in contact

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