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Thread: Dual purpose rifle..?

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    Dual purpose rifle..?

    I will shortly be in need of a dual purpose range rifle and stalking rifle, most of my shooting will be at 300m but I would also like to use it for accompanied stalking (where allowed). I am thinking Swede or .308 and would really appreciate your thoughts on which model you would suggest?


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    .308 would be my recommendation, I've had good success on red hinds and stags with one. Also, with a .308 you can shoot F/TR.

    Regards JCS
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    Thanks JCS, what rifle would you suggest, Remi 700, T3, X-bolt, etc?

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    depends on your budget. lower end go tikka, mid go sako/sauer, high go custom. the good thing (if it exists) about a remmy is that there's a trillion aftermarket bits, so if you 'do' wish to beef it up for your target shooting purposes, you 'can'.

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    In the last years I put myself a few rifles together, mainly depends what weight you are ok with to carry. Always look at the whole package.

    My medium weight 308 with 22"Lothar Walther barrel can take rabbits at 600m and I shot a few 300yd/m comps and did quite ok.
    Total weight is..I think 4.4kg with scope and mod.

    Then I made a remmy 243 with heavy border barrel and a tactical stock. Weight 5.7kg with bipod and tactical scope.
    Did quite ok at a 600yd F-class test shoot and also shot 6 deer with it this season.

    My take is the barrel is more important than the action used. Get a good barrel and you are halfway there.
    Remmy actions aren't that bad.
    I had my remmy rebarrelled, with the new Border barrel it was just 3.5" out at 100yds compared to the first barrel.


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    .308 for me mate. More reloading options on the heads

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    Edi, great looking rifles, I was thinking a 700 with a heavy barrel. Would it be better to get a donor action and rebarrel or get an off the shelf like a VSF?

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    What species are you looking at shooting?

    The .308 will knock anything in the UK over.

    The .243 is perfect for the smaller deer, and will take anything if you do your bit reliably.

    Swede is nice to shoot, low pressure, light recoil.

    You pays your money and you takes your choice.

    The .308 is very popular, for good reason!

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    Cheers Matt, we've got Munties, Roe and Fallow locally and some reds not too far away. At the moment it's main use would be range work. Twice a month fortyish rounds in hour and a half.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cry Havoc View Post
    Edi, great looking rifles, I was thinking a 700 with a heavy barrel. Would it be better to get a donor action and rebarrel or get an off the shelf like a VSF?
    I bought a sporter 243 sps stainless a few years ago. Maybe I was lucky but this action is smooth as silk from day one, I shot a few 1" groups at 300yds with the original sporter barrel. She never fed well from the drop plate mag so I fitted the mag system. I later had the heavy Border barrel fitted which is shooting very well although I only have about 50 rounds through her ...early days. The other remmy I have is a normal blued action off the shelf and doesn't seem as refined, she got the old barrel off the first remmy and is now a light hunting rifle. My take, the stainless action is worth a bit extra.
    I believe button or cut barrels are better than hammer forged factory barrels, especially when target shooting. If money is tight I would rather get a second hand remmy and have a Bergara barrel fitted than buy a new vsf. Most custom barrels are good nowadays and I'm impressed with the Border and LW so far.
    Very important part of a precision rifle is the stock and bedding.
    Of course one could think of a custom action, some fine actions built in the UK.

    I think a 308 would make sense, F/TR capable as metioned before. Target shooting can turn into an arms race which doesn't seem to have limits, most ballistic improvements seem to lead to reduced barrel life and higher ammo costs. Whatever one chooses will be outdated next year anyway.


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