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Thread: red-sika hybrids

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    red-sika hybrids

    just reading through this weeks shooting times ,we get it fridays
    there is a interesting few reads ,
    first thing is the sika gold -silver heads in it there were all shot pre rut or just , whats the idea there ,
    when i started i was told is a master stag if it was to be culled it was to be done late in the rut .i still try to do this as best i can.
    also university of Edinburgh , dna tested 735 deer from kintyre witch returned 40 percent were hybrid.
    i know there is a gud few scottish stalkers hear what do you guys think .
    on the main ground i stalk that is good sika country hybrids are shot hard and fast .
    the 6 weeks of the rut is the problem .
    if you see a sika stag holding say 4 red hinds kill the lot .
    interested to hear what you guys think

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    If too many Red Stags had not been shot there would be NO problem with Sika Stags getting onto Red Hinds.
    I have shot many Sika in Ireland since 1972 .
    The reason many big Sika Stags are shot during the rut is because of their devious and secretive nature at other times of the year.
    The good news however is the fact that by the time a Stag has reached Gold or Silver Medal status he has already passed on his favourable genes to many offspring.


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    hi hurbert , we have stomped a lot of the same ground i cull and was a stalker for joe n . for a lot of years till he gave up .
    so i know you no your stuff on sika .i met you once on the sally gap just under glenmacnass with john g . i was driving a swb green defender .kind regards ig

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    Hi I-G,
    I was not over for last years rut due to a mishap with my circular saw, I managed to take off half my left index finger !

    Below is a picture of the antlers of a fine Sika/Red hybrid which I shot at Glenmacnass many years ago before Joe N secured the shooting there.
    I was with John G when I shot it .
    It looked like a typical Red Stag in size and colour but had antlers typical of an adult Sika Stag, even complete with the prominent Sika beam ridges.
    When boiled off the head had a nose-bone 10.5 cm long , a true intermediate as most Reds are 12.5 cm or more.

    Regards, HWH.

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    sorry to hear that hurbert,i hope your on the mend , it was 10 years ago we met.

    some big stags in that neck of the woods .i was on a hill last wed we counted 120-130 stags there was 3 savage good hybrids on it ,the best l have seen in a while .
    i have a 13 point hybrid i shot in glenmalure a good few years ago ,he is a nice one .
    i must learn how to post a pic for you .regards ig

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    I have asked admin to delete my reply to Stag1933`s post.
    I apologise profusely for posting it as i for one do not agree with publicly slating someone on any forum.
    I know heat of the moment is no excuse for ill mannered comments.

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    Emotional outburst dealt with


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    Hi I-G.
    Those were the days !
    I had some happy times at Glenmalure too with the lads, it was a hard slog to the tops but it was a down-hill drag all the way.

    Below is a picture of two more from Glenmacnass , an old 10 point Red Stag I shot with Liam Mc G. and a 10 point Hybrid which I shot about 25 years ago with John G. and Bertie B. [Bert was the strongest person I have met in a long lifetime, good to be with if a big stag needed dragging out ! ]
    That Hybrid looked like a Red but had the flank spots of the Sika. [Nosebone 11cm.]
    Both were shot in the bad old days of .22 cfs only.
    I was using a 5.6X61 Vom Hofe Super Express in those days, it had about 2450 Ft. Pounds of energy at the muzzle and really did the business.


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    the red is a thing of the past there on them hill s hurbert .even the hybrid has been shot to hard .
    a lot of glenmacnass ,laragh wood is over shot now ,too many guys in the groups . no management .

    but there is still a lot of deer in parts
    also heard you were a very fine shot with your 5.6x61 joe often talked about you with fondness. but you know joe too.
    i think you see the best of it hubert . the best sika i have evey see rutted for three years on the trot in the millionaires valley under carrawaystick in the big clearance at the top end . i must have had 40 clients crying about not been let shoot the master stag ,we never shot btw.

    i talk to liam mc g on n off in the lodge,
    we will be bussy this week culling ,looks like its going to be a hardy week snow and a cold wind . i will be passing the water fall at day light in the morning . kind regards ig . ps if you have any more pics please post them

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    Hi I-G.
    I have not heard from Joe or Carmel for a long time , he shot a few tidy Roebucks here with me in the old days.
    I expect the brandy and fags have taken their toll as the last time I was out with him he could hardly walk the forest.
    Below is a pic. of the 8 point Hybrid before we dragged him out.


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