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Thread: yorkshireroestalking's bus service.

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    yorkshireroestalking's bus service.

    well after 4 attempts too get my 1st deer with no sucess, i called upon the services of john at yorkshire roe stalking,
    we got too the ground quite late as we had to change venue's due to fog, as we got going we soon came across a young buck and a doe which were the other side of a felled area. we stalked round in a big u shape where we came to a large buck and doe in a field to our right and the young buck in the felled area too our left. we had a big bush/tree between us and them as we came round the otherside of the bush/tree we had lost sight of the young buck,with no cover between us and them we moved in very slowley looking out for the young buck.
    the doe moved from the field too the felled area and we got to 145m but dint dare go any closer with no cover. we waited for the doe too come back out which she did after the big buck walked across and fetched her back out towards the field. i was in the prone postion and john said fire when your happy, so after afew deep breaths i pulled the trigger on my 1st deer and laid waiting for them famous words of good shot reload but heard GUT shot reload and fire again!!! which i did and the doe was out off her misery. i was more botherd about my poor shot than getting my 1st deer.
    so after kicking myself and saying sorry too john we had some lunch, knocked a doe box up the went back out in the evening. we sat in another doe box for an hour or so. when it came darkish in the woods. john said if we went upto the fields at the top we would have another 10 mins light so ofF we set. we dropped straight on a big buck,young buck and a doe again(different farm)I was told too get down and take the shot. well after 5 mins, 4 different shooting postion and 3 very deep and heavy breaths i pulled the trigger. it dropped on the spot and most important BIT of all i heard GOOD SHOT RELOAD. so many thanks too john at yorkshire roe stalking, after waiting for one for ages two then turn up. cheers stav p.s. spelling and grammer i dunt
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    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    Nice one stav, may there be many more productive outings. you will never forget this day. well done

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    well done fella. plenty more out there and John's top bet to put you on them

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    Well done Stav, you'll have a freezer full of venison now no doubt ? I did my DSC2 with John and as said he is a top guy.

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    yeah got a freeze full of venison. not very good at this write up stuff but the 1st stalk was a good one and took quite awhile. just sorry i dint finish it of with the 1 shot(145m) it deserved, but was just nerve's and it,s out of my system now (i hope). i learnt more in the field/hands on with john in the day than i have since i start in april last year. will defo be going back too john but of cause will give the other guy's ago on here aswell. i,m feeling a munty next as my mission is too get 1 of each species this year. thanks again john and cannot recommented him enough. stav
    if your going too be dumb you have too be tough

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    Nice one chaps and Breeze

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    Nice one Stav,John really is a top bloke and will do his best to get you among the deer,I have had four stalks with him and have a.m and p.m stalks booked with him for the end of march,can't wait .

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    Stav, congratulations on a great result. John is a top man and thoroughly professional in everything he does. Well done to both!!


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    It happen's to us all. Don't get hung up on it. You stayed calm and put right your mistake. Now that's what matters.

    Congrats on your first. I am sure that there will be many more.

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