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Thread: 44-40 for continental use??

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    Question 44-40 for continental use??

    The tital says it all. Just wondering if I can use the above mentioned cal on the continent for boar. They did use it to drop buffalo accross the pond (when they had enough of them). Muzz energy is about 688 ft lb if that helps
    Many thanks
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    That energy figure sounds a bit weedy.
    I wasn't aware it was used for buffalo, but thinking about it I suppose everything would have been to some extent. The cartridges which I had imagined were more buffaloish start at about twice that ME.

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    I thought the 44-40 was a pistol round and used so that people could use the same round in a pistol and a saddle carbine. Many western pistols were, I think, 44 rather than 45 cal. I am sure someone from across the pond will keep us on the straight and narrow though.


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    sounds weedy but its a big lump of hollow point soft lead , that will do for pigs

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    .44 -40 would be rather anaemic for driven boar but may be suitable for despatching at close range, get yourself a proper rifle calibre for driven boar.
    As others have mentioned it is really a pistol calibre and when it was used on bison in the days of old it was used at point blank range from horseback by riders riding alongside the bison and multiple shots were fired, think of the famous Fredrick Remington picture.

    Lever action rifles are used by some trackers in France but these are usually in .44 mag or .30-30 win both of which generate at least twice the muzzle energy of the .44-40
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    There are 3 things we ought to remember these are:
    1) Will the 44-40 give a clean kill or just inflict a nasty wound - if in doubt use a shotgun with slugs!!
    2) Regarding ballistics for the 44-40, the calibre is both a pistol and rifle round - as a rifle round it is possible to increase the muzzle energy according to the data available, up to 1200 ft/sec.
    3) It certainly is not legal in the UK for deer and therefore before using it on boar it might be useful to check the legality of the calibre.
    The calibre was credited with an impressive kill record both men and beasts but I'm sceptical about this - how much is fact and how much is myth.
    A useful question might be would I sooner be hit by a mini doing 90mph or a lumbering double decker doing 30mph - both will hurt!!
    One thing is for certain I would not want to stand in front of a 44-40 200 grn bullet from my rifle under any circumstances.
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    I just put the following figures into a balistic calculator - 200 grain bullet at 1200fps = 640ft/lb.

    By comparison I had a .44mag that shot Federal 200 grain H.P. bullets at just about 2000fps out of a 1894 marlin. Put those figures in and you get 1776ft/lb. That's a fair bit of difference. I think that given the choice I would leave the .44-40 at home and grab the slug loads in a 12 bore or use a proper calibre boar rifle.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Most European countrys have min velocity/energy and caliber for hunting Boar and i doubt if the 44-40 would make the velocity @1200 fps even 12 bore solid slug are traveling faster than that and the 44-40 is way down on energy for shooting pigs ,just keep it for punching paper .


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    I don't have any experience with the .44-40, but most of the ammo available is for Cowboy Action shooting, and those are loaded pretty light. A friend of mine shot a Henry in .44-40 and he jokingly said you could see the bullet hit the target. Obviously an exaggeration. I don't doubt that it could cleanly take a boar, but I wouldn't count on it being enough for a large old boar with a thick shield. I've never seen a factory load with jacketed bullets, just soft lead target bullets.

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    If you like the old American west cartridges, there is the .45 long colt. Marlin leveractions can handle the more powerful +p loads that are on par with the .44 magnum. Standard pressure loads would not push anything past 1,000 fps but the +p would have 300 gr going 1200-1300 fps. There is also the .45-70 the great American buffalo round. I have a rifle in .45-70 and a revolver in .45 lc and both are great rounds. .44 magnum would also be great as the .45 lc is not a cheap cartridge to shoot.

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