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Thread: Moderators

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    Hi everyone. I have the chance to obtain a PES reflex stainless moderator for my .308 varmint Tikka. I would appreciate honest opinions, good or bad, and why. Or is there a better moderator out there for the money?

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    Can't comment on the PES, but I have an ASE JET Z compact on my t3 varmint. Very good mod, very quiet. down side, it is not a sleeve over barrell type so it adds 560mm to your barrell. doesn't bother me but it might to some.
    Sporting Rifle had a good article about mods in August where they compared 10 mods on the market.


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    This is only an observation so you more experienced don`t shoot me down please.
    Which is better, the end of barrel Jet z or the over barrel Wildcat P8?
    Will the Wildcat discolour the end of the barrel over time? or does the end of barrel mod favour better? Although affecting balance.

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    In my limited experience the over barrell type can discolour the barrell.
    On my T3 varmint the point of balance is just behind the front swivel so with the harris bipod on and say you take a shot off sticks where you have the sticks rested the rifle is well balanced.
    Saying that the bloody thing does way twelve and a half pounds


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    Re: Moderators

    Quote Originally Posted by Keneboy
    Hi everyone. I have the chance to obtain a PES reflex stainless moderator for my .308 varmint Tikka. I would appreciate honest opinions, good or bad, and why. Or is there a better moderator out there for the money?
    i use both PES T12 and reflex T4. on my blaser R93. i was hoping the PES would be much quieter than the T4 but they are about the same. The PES is heavier and longer ( and protrudes further forward) but it has done what i intended it to do - which was make the compact R93 feel longer when set up for foxing and bipod work and eliminate muzzle flip. i use the T4 on .308 and .243 but the PES has an 8mm exit hole so is only suitable for my .243.

    the PES seems better quality than the reflex, but i dont have any issues with the quality of the reflex either. and have owned a couple over the past few years.

    R93 wearing the compact T4.

    R93 wearing the PES T12

    if i only had to have one moderator, it would be a T4. you might find that if you fit a PES to your varmint it will feel very long.

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    Probably a silly question, but why would you not use a moderator with a 8 mm opening for a 7.62 mm (.308) bullet?

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    info taken from Jackson Rifles - about the reflex moderators, JMS arms dont publish this data about the PES but will tell you if you call them.

    Baffle hole diameter

    Standard baffle apertures are 7.5 mm , 8,5 mm, 10,5 mm and 13.0 mm. As a rule, the bullet caliber (bullet actual diameter ) plus at least one millimetre gives the exit aperture diameter.

    7.5 mm hole takes 222, 223, 22-250, 6mm, 243, etc.

    8.5 mm hole takes 6.5mm 270, 7mm, 308 , 30-06 etc.

    10.5 mm hole takes 9.3mm, 338 etc.

    13 mm hole takes 45-70 etc.

    The reinforced "magnum" model (stamped "M") for cartridges above 30-06 case capacity has 10.5 mm exit aperture as standard (other aperture sizes to special order).

    The smaller the baffle hole diameter the better the sound suppression, but the difference between each of the above hole size increments is only 1 or 2 dB. In general, it is better to reduce the sound by adding more baffles than risk making the baffle holes too small.

    All rifle bullets yaw a little on leaving the muzzle. The longer the bullet the more baffle hole clearance we need to accommodate this yaw without risk of a bullet grazing a baffle. If a bullet grazes a baffle, it can cause a "flyer" (a shot which flies well out of the group).

    my rifles are screwcut without the spigot, so its a bit safer to have a slightly larger exit hole.

    my .30 T4 is 1/2" unf, no spigot and measures 10.5mm.

    i you fancy sitcking a .308 through my PES you're more than welcome to try - just let me stand in the next field!!

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    Thank you all for your replies. All your comments are valuable when making a decision. I use a T8 reflex on a Mannlicher .223 for foxing. It does take out the crack when firing, but does not dismantle for cleaning. I can only give it a good squirt of WD40 and let it drain. My Tikka .243 is fitted with a ASE S5 stainless, which can be taken apart and cleaned. I was recommended the PES stainless as this, not only equals the T8 for moderating the noise, but can be dismantled as well. Decisions, Decisions. Good mods are not cheap, we can not afford to make hasty purchases. Thanks for all your replies.

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    Thanks for the offer Bucksden. Intersting reply, I am a little worried by your comment, 'you will stand in the next field' Would you suggest the T4 or T8 reflex first, to that of the PES? The T8 reflex does the job, but is known to corrode. I do not want the PES or any other mod getting in the path of the bullet, is that why you will be in the other field??????????

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    Keneboy, I am in the same position - I have an Ase S5 & A BR tuote T8.
    I notice the build quality is far superior on the Ase Utra, So I have just got off the phone to Jacksons & plan on ordering their new NorthStar.
    This is like a reflex designed S5. I am not aware of any reviews although the mod is available for sale. As a result I will not be renewing my subscription to shootingsports magazine!
    When I eventually track down my local RFD I will ask him to get me one in & will report my findings in the reviews section. I have no sound monitoring equipment, So will only be able to say whether the mod seems louder or quieter than the types I have already been using. Cheers Danny

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