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Thread: 244 holland & holland

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    244 holland & holland

    found this in with some brass it a 244 h&h and it uses a 6mm bullet i bet this burns out barrels real quick . anyone use one?
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    I sold one once when I was working in a large gun shop. The buyer said that he basically got 240 Weatherby ballistics unless he wanted to toss his brass after two loadings. He got his brass from the UK but that was in the early eighties and I have no idea from where.~Muir.

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    i dont think id want to use somthing like it . it must take about 60-70 grains of powder all down that small hole i bet a barrel wont last long and the recoil wont be very soft id bet.

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    ndt man;
    One source say's that Holland & Holland advertised a MV of 3500 fps with the 100 grain bullets and a ME of 2725! The cartridge was based on the 375 H & H and necked down.

    Atb Hillside

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    David Lloyd built rifles for it I seem to recall.

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    Country Pursuits in Cricklade Wilts, had one a David Lloyd with a fair amount of ammo last year.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Brithunter View Post
    David Lloyd built rifles for it I seem to recall.
    if my memory serves me right he actually designed the round and then sold it to H&H.

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    While we're getting nerdy about it:

    If it's on Wikipedia, it must be true...

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