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Thread: RTC that turned out well

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    RTC that turned out well

    This was an RTC that I was asked to attend at the NFU underground car park in the centre of Norwich.
    I got the call sometime in June 08 about 7.45 while on my way to work.
    The police had told me that they thought the "small deer" was uninjured but realised that "I would have to shoot it".
    I'm thinking, deer,underground car park, people, shoot it, NO WAY.
    I had forwarned Debs my wife of my conversation with the police, told her I needed her help and picked her up on the way through to Norwich.
    I took a rifle and shotgun "just in case", along with two pieces of ply and a blanket. My idea was to try and corner the deer as you would a sheep or whatever.
    We arrived to be greeted by two police officer's who opened the electric gates and let us in.
    The small deer turned out to be a young spiker Roe buck and not very happy with his surroundings.
    Between Debs, myself and the two coppers and a lot of ill-fated attempts I managed to catch his antlers in the blanket as he went past me and dropped on him.
    Debs and one of the coppers grabbed him as well, and between us managed to get him into the back of our truck and shut him in.
    The buck did draw first blood though, he stabbed the young copper in the hand.!!!
    The buck had skinned the pads on the underside of his hooves/cleaves and that's the blood you see on the blanket in the picture.
    Must have happened while the "tricky little sucker" was trying to evade capture.
    I'm not quite sure what he thought of his ride out of Norwich but he was very keen to get the hell out of Dodge when we let him go on a friends piece of land six miles out of town.
    That's the only RTC I have attended in twelve or so years where I have not had to dispatch the deer.
    Good day had by all.


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    What does RTC stand for?

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    Road Traffic Collision

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    Thats how the police in this area ( Norflok ) term a road traffic accident, deer or otherwise


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    fair play max ,you will be in st hurbert s good books now

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    Quote Originally Posted by steyr.308
    Road Traffic Collision
    I was going to say that but if i was wrong.............

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    I think that was that little chaps lucky day.

    Nice result


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    Thanks for the interpretation, in my area they are still called RTAs as, hopefully, nobody runs into a Deer on purpose.
    I always get called out on an early Sunday morning, when it's raining or freezing cold and there is never any 'salvage' !

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    Nice result Max. I've had them get up and run off before when I've snapped the gun shut but never released one like that.
    Ironically, if it was a Muntjac, CWD or Sika you would have broken the law as it is illegal to release non-indiginous species back into the wild!
    I know someone that has a licence to net deer for scientific purposes and has to have a seperate licence to let the non-native ones go again afterwards. I'm not sure where Fallow fit in though a I believe they a now classed as Feral?
    I'm sure many deer do run off after being injured but often wonder how many survive as they are a bit 'highly strung' and don't handle stress too well. One of the 3 fallow I shot last Sunday had a broken front leg which had fused back together at a strange angle though.
    Well done mate.

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