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Thread: Cheap high seat maybe?

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    Looks quite interesting but slightly heavy to maul around any distance possibly? cheap enuff though.
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    Thank you
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Many thanks, Dave.

    That's a genuine helpful post, and what this site should be about. As it's a 1-day offer I've ordered this immediately, and I'm going to give it a whirl.

    Having had a couple of serious falls from aboreal antics (poor DIY work) I plan to do better.

    It's no heavier than the Bushwear Panther, and adaptable for other uses. If I can't adapt it to ambush muntjac then it'll still be an ideal platform for the wife to point the brickwork when conditions are slippery.
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    I've actually had one of these ladders for a good few years - and very useful it is too - but I paid about twice that for it.

    Not sure how good it would be as a base for a high seat though - mine tends to 'creak' a bit under load - I think most of these alloy sectional things are the same?

    For that price though its definately worth a punt - even if it doesn't work as a high seat you have a very useful ladder.

    Don't think it would be very useful unless you bolted a seat to the top - the ladder would not be too comfortable to sit on. Should be easy enough though - could be slotted into the top.

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    Cheers for the "heads up" bud.

    Dont need a DIY high seat but need a set for decorating next week. Free delivery as well, just the job.
    Thanks again


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    I ordered one, no doubt it will come in handy for something whether it be DIY or trying to make a portable or permanent hightseat, can't complain at that price.
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