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Thread: iphone 4s 16gb Brand new

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    iphone 4s 16gb Brand new

    got this as an upgrade, was going to keep it but then decided to stick it on eBay.
    Guy hasnt come back to me since it sold so before relisting it on Sunday I thought I would see if any like minded souls were interested.

    it is the black one, all boxed up, never been used or had a SIM in it.
    currently on Vodafone but they will unlock it and it will be done before posting

    It has been opened, but all the usual plastic covers and packaging is still there.
    I also bought a rubber case cover and 2 screen covers which I will throw in.

    it sold for £420+20 postage (RMSD insured is the only way I can send something this valuable.)

    If someone wants to get a bargain (they sell for over £500 most places)

    I will sell it for £430 posted.

    will try to get some pics up today

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    goes back on ebay tonight then unless I get some sensible offers

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