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Thread: Case trimming/de-burring tool.

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    Case trimming/de-burring tool.

    Morning gents, just after a little help please. When I trim to length my cases, using my Leeman tool, it leaves a horrible burr on both the inside and out side of the neck, to such an extent that its hard to remove the mandrel from inside the neck. Then an age with the relevent de-burring tools.

    My question:- is there a tool that do it all in one go ie lengthen, de-burr inside and out, ? and if so where can I get one from?.

    Many thanks

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    It shouldn't leave a "horrible burr" perhaps the cutter needs replacing or are you trying to take off too much in one go rather than a couple of light turns?
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    I agree. If it leaves a horrible burr then most case trimmers would do likewise. (There are a couple that trim and deburr at the same time but unless you're doing a lot of cases, it could be an unnecessary expense.) It's hard to wear out the cutter on Lee if used just on brass....what is causing your cases to stretch so much??~Muir

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    Both answers are spot on. Either this is a blunt cutter, or the rotary action of a wobbly trimming rig-up is putting the edge of the cut neck out of true.

    It could be both of course

    If you get a chattering noise when trimming that points to a fair degree of slop in the alignment.
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    To answer your original question there is a one tool does all trimmer, the RCBS case trimming lathe with the three way cutter.
    They can be tricky to set up, but once set they are very quick and easy to use.

    If I have a lot of cases to do I use the lathe, but normally I use the old lee hand trimmer with length gauge.

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