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Thread: Tick prevention

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    Tick prevention

    Wonder if you could assist me?

    given that spring might have sprung and I will be heading ontot the hills with a mutt for the 1st time in a long time .........

    What is the best product for general flea, worm PLUS tick prevention. Frontline rings a bell but there are so many to choose from.

    What do the stalkers (especially in the west coast of ALBA) use?



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    did a quick search, got a few pointers, I am using Advocate for fleas at present and will chack with the vet.

    Can you get this online without a prescription? Suppose the cost should not be an issue compared to mutleys health but its more convenient to do it at the PC.

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    I check my dogs over everyday for ticks and use a puller to remove them. None of the treatments for ticks i've tried work that well

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    i also use advocate not used anything else,atb wayne

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ranger22 View Post
    I check my dogs over everyday for ticks and use a puller to remove them. None of the treatments for ticks i've tried work that well
    +1,I don't like to put extra chemicals onto my dogs either,found they don't work anyway apart from lining vets pockets
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    I dunno about the dog side but I've been taking those Superdrug odourless garlic capsules and a fish oil one every morning for the last few years and have definitely had fewer ticks on me when I've been up to the West Coast stalking and foxing ever since.

    Only 1, possibly 2 over a fortnight which is good - I've previously had the joy of having 40 of the little s*its picked off me after a day on an island after reds... and again the next day.

    So, deep joy to only get the odd one.

    I guess it would/could work with dogs too - would keep their coats shiny at least.


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    Advantage - (imidacloprid) - fleas
    Advocate - (imidacloprid and moxidectin) fleas, worms, some mites
    Advantix - (imidacloprid and permethrin) fleas and ticks
    Frontline - (fipronil) fleas, lice (ticks)

    I've put ticks in brackets for, as frontline will work if the tick is sprayed, they take too long to absorb a lethal dose.
    There is no one treatment for all (ticks, fleas, lice, mites are all too different). Personally I've found advantix the best for ticks - kill and repel

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    Sorry, slightly off topic but what is the BEST wormer for dogs?

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    I live in the west highlands with 4 dogs and have found Advantix the best.

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    thanks for all replies,

    turns out I am on advocate at the moment(all have similar names) I will carry on with best practice but agree that when dosed the wee man is lethargic for a bit afterwards.

    he bit a tick off his inner leg last time and while it looked inflamed at the time (and i was worried) two day later he was right as rain.

    keep em coming, please

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