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Thread: .243 Ackley Improved Remmington 700 PSS with IOR Valdada scope

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    .243 Ackley Improved Remmington 700 PSS with IOR Valdada scope

    Hi, thanks for looking.
    Due to pressure from the missus and the lack of space in my cabinet I am selling my .243 Ackley Improved Remy 700 PSS.
    It is a lovely gun, a joy to shoot, and I am most upset to see it go!
    The specifications are as follows:

    Barrel is 22 inch .243 AI 1:8 twist (which will stabilise the heavier 105s and 115s) made from 414 stainless steel by Border Barrels
    The bolt has a Sako extractor conversion, again by Border Barrels
    A HS Precision PSS stock with 4 round detachable magazine conversion
    Timney trigger
    T8 moderator
    Scope is a 6-24x50 IOR Valdada with illuminated MP8 reticule, sunshade and hand lapped IOR rings. It is a fantastic scope and worth the money in its own right.
    The barrel, scope and moderator have fired less than 300 rounds and are in top condition. The scope has a couple of light scuffs on the top but only superficial. It shoots like a dream!
    I have done some load development with 105gn AMAX with excellent results and have approximately 50 rounds made up which are included in the sale together with my .243AI RCBS dies, load data and 25 fire formed cases.
    Iím looking for £1400 for the lot (bipod, cheek bag and sling not included) or nearest offer.
    I would prefer F2F but can ship via RFD if required at cost.
    Tel: 07976354708 or msg me.
    South Derbyshire

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    If there's any chance you'd split the scope can I have dibs please?

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    Already got someone interested in the scope if I split them, but I'll bear you in mind

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    I figured I'd be too late but worth a shot, thanks!

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    Gun (and scope) sold to lizard223.
    Many thanks

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