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Thread: Buckup travels to Oxfordshire

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    Buckup travels to Oxfordshire

    We had Mark over on the last day of our season today working his Springer & Lab & what a pleasure it was to meet him at last. We had a pretty good day & his dogs did some sterling work & Mark certainly seemed to enjoy himself as well. We didn't shoot much, 14 Pheasant , 1 Pigeon & a Teal but everyone enjoyed themselves immensely.

    Many thanks for taking the trouble to drive over Mark, your welcome any time.


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    Meeting up, sharing a day and getting aqainted, it should happen more often. Well done guys. Quarry don`t matter, sharing the interest does.

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    your right Basil it's the day out that makes the day for me
    glad you enjoyed his company Chris
    i did when out in poland with him and his cousin Claire
    just don't invite them together
    proper p155 taking pair they are, buta great pair no matter what

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    Quote Originally Posted by basil
    Meeting up, sharing a day and getting acquainted, it should happen more often. Well done guys. Quarry don't matter, sharing the interest does.
    Funnily enough Basil I met up with the other Mark (mjjl) on the Friday before Mark (buckup) came over to the shoot, he came to the house to quote me for some tree work. Another first time meeting & another good lad, good old chat about stalking over a couple of brews, great way to spend an hour or two.


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