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Thread: BSA CF 2 in .270

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    BSA CF 2 in .270

    Has anyone got one or used one of these? I'm just after an honest opinion as I have a hankering for a more "traditional" rifle,are they drop mag or floorplate? at the moment I have a Sako 75 Finnlight in .243 and there's nothing I don't like about it ,but like I said I have a hankering for a more traditional rifle (I've always liked blued steel and walnut) so depending on the response I recieve on here I might sell the Sako and buy a said rifle (I've seen a nice looking one on guntrader) and have some change left for some quality glass,so over to you lads,and please be honest.

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    A good mate has one in 22.250, i used it a fair bit in the past and liked it, quite heavy, set trigger system is spot on, you just push the front reversed trigger foward with your trigger finger to set it ( if that makes sense), i also like the big heavy bolt. Only down side for me (being a right handed left eye shooter)is the stock is very sharp on the roll over, but this will not effect normal right handers...
    Shoots about under an inch with factory fodder
    I would have one, handy if you need to knock a few fence posts in whilst out stalking

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    Yes I own two BSA CF2's one in 270 Winchester, it as my first new rifle and also a half stock version in 7x57 Mauser. The 270 is the "Stutzen" (Full Stock with 20" barrel) and has BSA's Double Sett trigger.

    The CF2 was BSA's last model and a simplified one rather along the lines that Tikka and Sako have followed to cut costs.

    The action is one length ........................ long which of course just happens to suit the 270 Winchester fine . They have a drop floor plate magazine following Mauser's staggered design. The action is a push feed with large Horse shoe extractor in the bolt face and ejector is a sprung loaded plunger set into the bolt face:-

    Barrel reinforce profile on CF2.

    Half stock as brought unfired except for proof.

    Field use.

    The CF2 uses the same mounts and bases as the Rem 700 so the choice is quite varied. The bolt has a guide rail on it that should be on the outside so visible when closed. It's possible to twist it 180 degrees and have it on the inside. I have seen several with them in that position . The bolt and action are as a rule very smooth and slick, Check the bolt serial number matches the action . If it does not walk away.

    I have seen rifles with the bolts that have been mixed up. On the CF2 the bolt stop is machined into the bottom of the bolt and in a place correct for the length of the ORIGINAL CARTRIDGE CHAMBERING. Whilst it may be possible to put a 308 bolt into a 270 rifle and it may close on the round it will not travel far enough to the rear to pick up the next round from the magazine as the bolt stop will limit it's travel to that suitable for the 308 cartridge and the head space may well be out..

    With some police forces insisting on bolt removal in shops the chances of mixing the up is vastly increased so check the numbers match. the serial number is stamped on the flat on the underside of the bolt handle.

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    Try Simon at REEVES on 01491 671648 he has got a 270 CF2 BSA and it is BRAND NEW. It is an old stock rifle and as 270 went out of favour that is why it never sold. I am sure it comes with a set of rings. Not sure of exact price but give him a call if it is of any use to you.
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    heres mine i absolutely love it the set trigger is something else its very accurate 5 shot group all touching at 100 yrds very impressive ,atb wayne ps that new /old stock sounds great i stripped it down and sanded it and re oiled
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    I've a BSA .270 aswell. It's a lovely looking gun, (after the varnish was stripped and a thorough recoating with rangoon oil was given) and half the weight of my .243. It's also nicely accurate. The only downside I have to say is there's a hefty recoil from it, I would think due to it being so light. All in all though, a very nice rifle.

    Oh - and by the way, to get the bolt out, you have to push the trigger forward. It took me 10 minutes on google to work that out.

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    Thanks for the advise lads,oh and the pictures some lovely looking rifles there,I think I'll take the plunge,anyone fancy a nice .243 Sako 75 finnlight?

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    jase if you want to have a go on one before you buy your welcome to come down to me and have a go your not far,atb wayne

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    Cheers Wayne,I might just take you up on that mate,I'm over your way at the end of the month.
    Cheers Jase.

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    no worries just let me know my small ground is only a few mins from my house,atb wayne

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