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    Just a wee thank you to most of you on here who have been mostly very kind and understanding. I have sold a few bits on here (not too many) and the folks prove that trust does still exist. I have made a few friends and a very few enemies i hope. The shooting community seems to be a trustworthy lot and probably the safest and calmest sportsmen in the country. If i were employing someone the fact that they were a shooter instantly indicates a safe and not a reckless person which may be partly due to the fragility of the licencing system. We bite our tounge when others don't as we know the outcome of a confrontation? Maybe if gun ownership was expanded we may have a better society?

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    hah r.d not a doot too get the old f.c it is a lot harder, i have been a witness for many a guest to verify they have stalked here and been of good nature and capable of handling a firearm and stalking,but there is no doubt it will get harder..certainly we are amongst good guys here,and very knowledgeable,,some are out with the stars but ayeeee.its a grand forum.

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    I will be your referee ya grumpy fecker!!

    I ruffle feathers but I also do not believe in apathy. Apathy is how we end up where we are now, 144p at the pump etc.

    better if we stick together regardless

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    good point R D look forward to maybe doing some business in the future
    regards pete .

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