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Thread: Whatever happened to .270 Winchester?

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    Whatever happened to .270 Winchester?

    I've a .270Win BSA and I love it. My only issue with it is the recoil, which is not exactly a gentle caress (Although maybe thats just my rifle).

    .270Win was a calibre that rose to meteoric fame back in the day only for it to become deeply unfashionable now.

    What happened?

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    I think it is due a comeback. I'm getting one next week.

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    Mine is doing a good job. I'm not sure I'll ever have another ventrefire rifle calibre.


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    Next to the .30-06 it is one of the finest calibres ever made by mortal man. [ Just a necked-down .30-06 anyway ! ]


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    if the others spot how good it is we won't have lots of excellent cheap rifles to play with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Targetman View Post
    if the others spot how good it is we won't have lots of excellent cheap rfles to play with.
    I think you'll find 75% of the deer in Scotland are shot with 270 wins, although thats by 3 fc rangers & 2 contractors

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    i baught two just in case they came back in fashion and still cheaper than one newer one

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    ive been on a quest to find the maid of all deer stalking calibres , and ive settled at last on the .270 winchester !

    when moderated it pussy cat to shoot and with hand loaded 130gn bullets it is a deadly tool on red deer or any species of deer in the uk and most of the known world out to 300 yds in the right hands .

    half the problem with the .270 win is the factory loaded amunition , being loaded too hot with the wrong choice of bullet creating a considerable amount carcass damage (in my opinion!).

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    As above, been useing one for 30 years with no issues, as Lee says loaded with the right bullet, and a mod on the're a great combination, used mine in Africa, and will take it again in May. I load mine with 130 gn Barnes TTS over 58 gns of 4831sc and gave me one shot kills on all the plains game I took with no issues at all, its my go to rifle for everything I shoot now. deerwarden

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    Just got my first 270 this month. Looking forward to loading some 130 grn bullets to develope a round that is not too punchy. I will be using Vit N160.
    Any advice greatly recieved.

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