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Thread: Deer wars

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    Deer wars

    Have just watched this

    Deer Wars - Television | NZ On Screen

    really interesting documentary,not our cup of tea over here but still an adventure none the less.

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    nz hunters

    just seen this on another forum ,atb wayne
    Deer Wars - Television | NZ On Screen

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    That is unreal!! I would love to have a beer with some of those guys and listen to the stories! Seems it was a bit easier to get a pilots licence back then too! I was amazed at one guy having 25000 hours and still being alive. Total respect for the work they were doing, although it seems barbaric sometimes, it was a necessity.

    PS: 70% head shots on moving deer from a moving platform.. without going down the ethical route, that is some shooting!

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    sorry mate i have just posted the same footage didnt see you had done it earlier,atb wayne

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    A very interesting film.

    The sheer numbers of deer wreaking havoc when they started is almost unfathomable.

    As you say FFM when I heard the 70% stat I raised an eyebrow of jealousy.

    Well posted Mereside.


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    Fantastic film, thanks for posting.
    Hand signals for stags or hinds, one finger stag, two fingers hind. Number of holes under the tail!
    HASAW act had'nt been invented back then obviously.

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    Now i know were the DCS/SNH got there ideas from

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pointer View Post
    Now i know were the DCS/SNH got there ideas from
    plus FCS

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottybhoy88 View Post
    plus FCS
    Seeing as you think you know so much about it scattyboy how about giving us some facts instead of your usual snide remarks. Shooting deer from helicopters is illegal and would cost the pilot his flying licence as well as prosecution for the stalker. Get real!

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    I believe that they have banned the practice now...

    It was a great time historicaly,i have met several that where involved, some proper men,now im not knocking the makmanship, but i have seen lots of footage where the deer are being slayn and grass is laid flat by the downdraught of the rotors, they where not 200 yds up....

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