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Thread: sporting rifle ,, april mag

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    sporting rifle ,, april mag

    just to let you all know, sporting rifle this month is roebuck special,,,,,,

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    Still not bought one this year. Flicked through o e the other day and nothing grabbed me so put the money i saved towards more bullets

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    got to say i have bought sporting rifle for many years,,,just lately though the mag seems to be all adverts and mike yardley shooting in Africa,,,,i am sure that there is people out there that like that but i would put money on the fact there is less that do,,,and the last few have been about the Kenedy shooting,,,who cares it was bloody years ago and not here.

    there must be loads of subjects they could cover,,,they could do a couple of pages on different makes of rifles,,,,dedicated stuff like readers rifles,,,and there is so many different varieties of rimfire now they could do a couple of pages on each make ever month leaving plenty of room for the other stuff.

    a while ago they did a great write up over a number of issues about different calibres including different .22 loads,,,it was interesting and a good read,,,but sadly they all seem to be getting the same BORING,,there is a new mag out now called .22 shooter good read from the start hope the rest will be.

    I have guns because i love shooting, what i hate is red tape and been screwed by a Dishonest Government.

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    Don't get it anymore as it's just full of adverts and adverts for a selected few.
    I am not alone either.

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