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Thread: DPM v MTP cammo test

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    DPM v MTP cammo test

    OK, so it isn't a great test but I was out today and as I was having lunch I thought to take some photos of the older DPM cammo smock and the newer MTP one. The results are a little confounded by the fact that my camera tends to overexpose the MTP a little and so it washes out a bit which makes it stand out a little. I tried to mix and match the backgrounds and clearly all the shots were taken in commercial forestry which might tend to favour the DPM a little. Even so I don't think there is much between them but for general use my money is still on the MTP as being slightly better.

    All these photos were taken from only a few yards away and so don't give a very accurate idea of how easily seen a person wearing them at stalking ranges of, say, 50 yards might be but hopefully they are useful examples.

    If these are useful perhaps others might like to post similar photos and I will try to take some more of some other cammo that I have lying about.

    1. Draped over a stump down in the lower levels of a commercial forestry. Sorry about the camera shake but the camera was trying to expose for what was a pretty dark area of the forestry.

    2. Both lying on the ground in a fairly bright area against grass and forestry.

    3. MTP in a track thrown over a little tree with DPM lying on the ground to sort of simulate a prone position, and then the other way round with the DPM thrown over the tree. Sorry I didn't manage to take both photos from the same position, the DPM one is a little closer and so the jacket is always going to be easier to see.

    4. MTP hung up on a tree with DPM on the ground below, and then the other way around. I guessed this was the one where the DPM was really going to score as this side of the tree was in deep shadow and the darker DPM should be a clear winner here, which I think it is. I had to take these photos a few times to get one with acceptable camera shake as it was pretty dark in there.

    5. MTP hung on a post on a well lit corner with a mixture of track, grass and forestry as a background and DPM on the ground at the foot of the post plus a photo of them with positions reversed.

    6. Similar to above but a little closer thereby avoiding having my lunch in shot.

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    A couple of months ago we had a range day at work followed a bit later by an LNV (Limit of Night Vision) shoot once it got dark. Lads from my unit were all in DPM, but we were hosting some guys from another unit who are higher up the pecking order when it comes to getting new kit issued and they were wearing MTP.A mixed group had to go to the range warden's hut for something, and on the way back it became apparent that MTP is much more visible than DPM in the dark. As the group approached the range console, those wearing MTP became visible to the naked eye a good 10 metres before those wearing DPM.
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    Camoflage for woods and open ground need two very different properties. In close contact the couours need to be more matched to the foliage and shapes etc, at longer ranges where shadow has a far greater effect then colours need to be lighter to overcome this, also larger areas of colour are more effective, a very good example was the old Paratroopers Dennison smock, light and looked as if it had been painted with a six inch brush. Useless thirty feet away, but on the other side of a glen, then it was excellent.
    There is no such thing as one for all where camoflage is concerned, that is why more snipers fail on camoflage than do on shooting.
    MTP is a good open ground camoflage, but in the UK in woods then DPM probably has the edge.

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    Try taking the same photos in black and white . Deer have limited colour vision. The results may suprise you .

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    Quote Originally Posted by shbangsteve View Post
    Try taking the same photos in black and white . Deer have limited colour vision. The results may suprise you .
    Doh! I hadn't thought of doing that and it is a great idea (which is probably why I didn't think of it) so will experiment with my editing software and see if I can post the same photos as above in B&W.

    There was so little reaction to this thread that I thought it probably wasn't worth the effort to test other cammo patterns but maybe I should give it a bash.

    I take your point pilgrimmick, however as you can see in the spot where I took the photos there was ground that suited both patterns. All of these photos were taken within 20 yards of each other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shbangsteve View Post
    Try taking the same photos in black and white . Deer have limited colour vision. The results may suprise you .
    Watched some telly last week and this was mentioned- I've forgotten the name of the programme. The current thinking is that we see in "tri colour" and ruminants see in "bi colour". They showed an example of what bi colour is and it is colour but not quite as vivid. It certainly is not black and white nor anywhere near it. I always thought the B&W bit was nonsense!
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    Here are the same photos in B&W so maybe a little like how a deer might see them:

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    Based on what is being said about deer vision here and on the thread running in general I thought to remove the red from the same images and post them, in keeping with the theory that deer have little or now red cones in their eyes.

    I think the results are interesting as, to me, this processing gives better contrast and ability to identify shapes and patterns in the shade so maybe this works well for deer in deep forest.

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    It certainly shows up the contrast between the background and the cammo

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    Pick a cammo, any cammo. You just move 20 feet and you need a different cammo. Would you be better with a plain colour. I have a mixture of realtree dpm and plain. Just depends on the weather as to what i wear rather than the area. But interesting pictures I have to say.
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