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Thread: New fox record

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    New fox record

    Hi all

    Not sure if many are following this but a new fox record has just been set with a fox weighing in at 38lb 1oz and a totally of 1.45m for nose to tip of tale I don't no about u but that is a massive fox.

    what's your biggest ??

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    time all this tripe finished

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    38LB !!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's a wolf not a fox

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    well , it wasnt gamedealers scales !

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    Like I said before, I won't weigh any of ours unless they turn the vehicle springs!
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    I got one of 35lbs a month ago but i am not posting a picture!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RED-DOT View Post
    I got one of 35lbs a month ago but i am not posting a picture!
    well RD i won't believe you then

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    OK Bob but i don't need to prove anything UK wide..i have witnesses.

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    I shot him on our last driven day and he quite short but as wide as he was deep... a truly fine fox, weighed on the pub scales.

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