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Thread: Gold Medal from Galloway

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    Gold Medal from Galloway

    I read in the Shooting Times trophy review that a gold medal boar was shot near Casle Douglas, Galloway.

    Is this not the location of the infamous Carminnows?

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    So adding two and two together, there is a possibility that the gold medal listed is the result of effectively a 'canned hunt'?

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    unfortunately Mudman you may be right
    but a medal is a medal which ever way it is sort
    Park deer also can be classed as a canned hunt in many folks mind, and thats where lots of the trophys across the uk and the world often come from
    except on most occassions you may hav to hunt for your trophy ,other places i hav heard about, your trophy is walked towards you so you can get a telling shot in
    but money is money
    and that seems to be the driving force in these such cases

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    The following is an article published earlier last year so it will give you a good idea of what to expect when in that area - Castle Douglas/Carminnows!!

    From The Sunday TimesJanuary 27, 2008

    The boar gets it as big guns return Daniel Foggo
    BIG-GAME hunting has returned to Britain with gunmen paying £550 apiece to shoot captive wild boar on a country estate.
    At two recent trial drives, 20 “hunters” killed a total of 51 wild boar. The owner of the estate now plans to hold regular commercial shoots. Enthusiasts predict that it will become a main-stream sport within the next few years as boar stocks grow.
    However, antihunting campaigners are likely to target the sport, and the proprietor of Britain’s first commercial boar hunt will not advertise it publicly. He relies on word of mouth to attract customers.
    In the two trial drives the animals were herded through woodland by men and dogs towards a line of shooters armed with large-calibre rifles - a minimum calibre of 0.270 is recommended.
    Both drives took place at a secret location in Scotland within the past few weeks.
    The boar are kept within a 200-acre enclosure with an electric fence and the carcasses are sold by the estate for meat.
    “It is an adrenaline high as a 16-stone boar charges at you through the undergrowth,” said Dave Corner, a hunter who helped organise the drives. “But it is not without its dangers. Often the dogs used will be killed and the people can be badly hurt, too.”
    Groups opposed to hunting were horrified at the development. A spokesman for the League Against Cruel Sports said: “It beggars belief that people actually get pleasure out of the mass slaughter of animals. Anyone participating in this kind of institutionalised killing has to be sick.”
    And a spokeswoman for the Born Free Foundation said that flushing the boar would cause “confusion and panic” in the animals. “It is inhumane to treat wild or farm animals in this fashion,” she stated.
    Wild boar became extinct in Britain 300 years ago but the number at large has grown rapidly in recent years because escaped and released animals from farms have bred and established populations from Kent to well north of the Scottish border.
    Charlie Jacoby, who was the launch editor of Sporting Rifle magazine, estimated Britain’s population of wild boar at between 5,000 and 10,000. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs will soon announce the results of a review into whether they should be subject to regulation and their killing licensed.
    Farmers and landowners complain that the animals, omnivores with voracious appetites, destroy meadows and arable crops with their constant rooting and grubbing. They consider them a pest.
    Jacoby said: “Wild boar and pheasant are pretty incompatible because the pigs destroy the land and the eggs and nests of the birds.”
    The species is not classed as indigenous, so landowners can legally kill boar on their property. So far, however, they have been shot only singly or in small numbers by individual hunters working from hides at night.
    Drives, which are a common hunting technique in mainland Europe, can lead to much larger kills.
    The boars often turn and savage the dogs, sometimes killing them. With large males weighing 30 stone or more, armed with sharp tusks up to 6in long, they are dangerous to people too, although they usually attack only when threatened.
    The drives in Scotland took place on December 28, when 18 boar were killed, and January 5, when 33 were killed, in the Dumfries and Galloway region. The Sunday Times has agreed not to identify the location.
    Corner, who has attended drives in Germany and wanted to bring the concept to Britain, said: “We used about half a dozen beaters and between six and 12 dogs. One of the terriers seemed to take an instant dislike to wild boar. He was practically hanging off the tail of one of them.”
    A line of men and dogs drove the boar through the woods to where rifle-men were positioned on 4ft “stands” to give them a superior firing line.
    The largest boar to be shot weighed more than 25 stone. “One chap shot 10 of them and said he could have had 30 more,” Corner said. “We have all sorts of people taking part, from car mechanics and builders to multi-millionaires. They are bored with pheasant shooting and are looking for something different.”
    Corner, who often shoots on the estate, said that there were also large populations of boar outside the enclosed shooting area. In future the drives may be held outside the barbed wire and electric fence.
    Although the wild boar are considered pests, Corner said, they are fed to keep them from uprooting pasture and to foster the population for shoots.
    The Hunting Act 2004 forbids the use of more than two dogs to flush out quarry. Corner said that no more than a couple of dogs were off the leash at any one time.
    “In Germany they put the dogs in Kevlar vests to try to protect them from the boars’ tusks but every time I’ve been there I’ve seen dogs die on the boar drives.”

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    I think that no park bred animal should be judged or given a medal .
    The prat who thinks he is introduceing driven boar into the Uk sounds like he is just making money from a bunch of suckers.
    I'm sure that in the future there will be a population of boar in the UK that is big enough for boar drives. But the UK ain't Poland,Germany or Sweden
    Boar are a new species here and the hunting powers that be are still working on the Swedish model for hunting boar to suit the Swedish hunting tradition.
    Perhaps the UK will have there own hunting model to suit the UK hunting tradition and conditions.

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    Well none of this suprises me this estate has had so much bad press over the years its become a bit of a joke in the shooting world.

    Whether its a gold medal or not it was feeding out of a bucket about an hour before it was shot.

    I can understand Stones comment, but do not entirley agree with it. Deer in a deer park have to be culled, and yes some big trophies are taken, but people as a rule do not make a secret of the fact that its a fenced estate.

    The estate in question on the other hand has been shouting about how it will conduct driven Boar hunting in the UK. And for anyone to announce that they have taken the new British record Wild Boar, well who do they think they are kidding!!!! ONLY THEMSELVES I would say, and if they are stupid enough to believe it then they are fools.

    It gives the whole sport of big game hunting/ stalking, call it what you will a bad name and bad press.

    This estate I believe is broken up into 4 areas all with high fences. I believe you can shoot Soay Sheep as well (ohh that must be really demanding)

    EMCc did you ever get any response from PC about your Boar hunt? Pm me if you like.

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    I agree with the general level of reply. I have no problem if people want to spend big money to shoot huge trophies inside the wire of an estate but none of these animals should be accepted for CIC medals.

    CIC medals should only be awarded for free ranging animals hunted by fair chase methods. Interestingly in the same article Richard Prior makes it clear which fallow trophies were wild and which were park animals.

    He makes it very clear that the new record from Herefordshire was a wild free ranging animal but isn't quite so clear about the Castle Douglas boar.

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    Wild boar

    Hi guys

    This is a genuine question and not meant to stir up trouble.

    Whilst I fully appreciate and agree with the need to cull fenced animals, be them boar or deer or whatever - why would somebody pay a lot of money to do so?

    I apologise if my ignorance offends anybody, but because ive only ever hunted and shot wild animals the question of fairness has never really been raised in my mind.

    Ive not really got an opinion on whether im pro or anti this type of shooting, horses for courses and all that - im just curious as to the motivation for shelling out a lot of money to do so?

    Is it pride in a good shot or shots, for the adrenalin rush or another reason?


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    Personally I do not think that any wild animal that is reared in captivity, should be offered up as a sporting opportunity. It may well be an opportunity but by no stretch of the imagination can, IMHO, it be considered sporting, and then to be accredited with a CIC medal, recognition of it being a world class trophy, I don't think so. To me there would be more satisfaction in eating a wild rabbit that I had shot with a rimfire, than there would be in having one of these canned hunt trophies hanging on my wall.

    I suppose any farmer of wild boar will be able to set up "hunts" on their land soon, I cannot see much difference. I'm sorry people but to me it is neither hunting nor sporting. I personally think, that it is this type of what I can only see as being a money making scheme, that gives the general public a poor impression of us stalkers, hunters choose your own title. Not only that it provides ammunition for the antis to fire at us. Don't be fooled by the fact that it is not deer stalking and will not have an adverse effect on us, it will. As far as most people are concerned it is men and women with guns shooting animals.

    The sad thing is you will always get people that want to have a trophy but are too tired to get off their arses and do it properly. They have the money to pay for one of these types of hunt and they will go on them. They then convince themselves that they were on some testosterone filled adventure in wild and frightening country and it was their unerring marksmanship that saw them through it all.

    I don't like any of it.


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