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Thread: price for a pere david deer

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    price for a pere david deer

    Does any one out there have a contacts for one of these it is for a friend off mine,
    If you have any info please pm me



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    You could try Wadhurst Park they have PD's and may have some on their cull list. Dont have any details to hand but Im sure if you google it you will come up trumps.


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    Think I saw something about PD on the Bunwell Wood Shoot website, they're on this forum and i'm sure they'll sort you out if poss.

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    best place Wobern Abbey,

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    Quote Originally Posted by see it shoot it View Post
    best place Wobern Abbey,
    Also the highest prices as well

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    thankyou for all the pm s I am will speak to the person this week and get back to you all



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