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Thread: Two "tricky little sucker's"

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    Two "tricky little sucker's"

    A productive Sunday morning



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    What are you doing with my dog?

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    I borrowed him last night, sorry about that


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    That's alright you can keep him, they're ruddy hard work!

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    Any pictures 8x57, and yes they can be a little trying at times


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    Unfortunately they were taken the old fashioned way. I'll try scanning them later.

    They are great though aren't they, when you finally get them round to your way of thinking!

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    Dont you mean "when you come round to there way of thinking"


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    i luv the colour of those fallow
    are they off the ground you stalk on or were they somewhere different?

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    Its on my ground.
    I only got this piece of land last October and it joins some I already had.
    Its got a nice little wood on it and thats where "tricky little suckers" disappeared to when I blundered into them before, so it was a bit of luck getting the permission.
    They are not all that colour, most are darker.
    The one on the left in the picture was close enough to neck so for the first time ever I am going to have the skin tanned.
    If you or anyone else knows where I can send it to be tanned I would be gratefull for the information.



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    Hi Max
    Good to see you got the better of them.
    We had some luck the weekend, we were also on the Fallow had one on Saturday morning and four on Sunday morning.
    I was well chuffed with my "Max" we were stalking a shelter belt towards a wood when the dog started indicate he had winded deer and he was spot on as we cleared the brow there were six Fallow feeding under the wood about 400 yards away. He's learning his trade quite rapid now, certainly adds another element to the stalk.
    As promised I managed to finally take a photo of him.


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