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Thread: Fun day for novices near london

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    Fun day for novices near london

    Hi all

    This is a bit off piste I know but my sister in law works in sales and is looking for a client day out. Originally shotgun orientated I brought her up to speed with seasons etc. is there anywhere within reasonable reach if London that can cope with a group of novices (i.e. 1 on 1 for four novices for an evening then morning stalk for early bucks in April? I suspect cull bucks is just the thing.

    In return for tolerance tips should be ok!

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks

    Oh to work in an industry where entertainment budgets stretch this far!

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    how close to London do they need to be? I might know sombody who can help but it will be a little north and east by about an hour. Send me a PM for details.

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    I would suggest you contact Sikamalc on this site, just down the M23 within easy reach from London. I am sure he would be able to arrange something.

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